Mossycoat Photoshoot

Last time i showed you the whole process of how my Mossycoat neckpiece was made….. but i didn’t show you how it turned out! So here it is, the Mossycoat photoshoot!

Mossycoat (3)Mossycoat (4)Mossycoat (5)Mossycoat (2)    Mossycoat (6)   Mossycoat (9)Mossycoat (8)  Mossycoat (7)Mossycoat (11)Mossycoat (10)Mossycoat (1)

“Dear little Mossycoat.
I found her coat, it was in tatters, as was her fine white silk dress and the crown and melted all over the pebbles. From rags to riches and now back into the overgrown moss once more.
But I preserved…

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The Little (Dead) Mermaid introduction and 3D design drawings

The Little (Dead) Mermaid introduction and 3D design drawings

Most (i’m hoping all of you!) will know the tale of The Little Mermaid, most likely from the animated Disney film, but hopefully some of you will also know the original Hans Christian Andersen tale as well (if not, read it here)….. it’s basically the same, but much darker and the ending is not so happy!

I’ve been rather obsessed with doodling bubbles for a while now…..

Bubble Painting (3)small Bubblessmall IMG_1108

Hence my logo (my…

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Coin-Operated Boy Photoshoot

Last post was all about the bedside box, and before that you saw Coin-Operated Boy all silvered up….. now…… a little photoshoot ties it all together!

Coin-Operated Boy (1) Coin-Operated Boy (6)Coin-Operated Boy (2) Coin-Operated Boy (10)Coin-Operated Boy (3)    Coin-Operated Boy (7) Coin-Operated Boy (8)   Coin-Operated Boy (11) Coin-Operated Boy (12) Coin-Operated Boy (13) Coin-Operated Boy (19)Coin-Operated Boy (9)Coin-Operated Boy (16)Coin-Operated Boy (22) Coin-Operated Boy (15)Coin-Operated Boy (4)  Coin-Operated Boy (17) Coin-Operated Boy (18)  Coin-Operated Boy (20) Coin-Operated Boy (14)Coin-Operated Boy (21) Coin-Operated Boy (5)

 “A friend of mine sent me the song with a message attached saying something along the lines of “you’ll like this song, it’s about dildoes lol” Naturally intrigued, I listened. I giggled at the obvious sex toy connotations…

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i wish i was skinny enough to wear leather jackets and short jean shorts and short skirts with ripped leggings and boots and look sexy as hell and then come home and drink hot chocolate while wearing an oversized sweater and cute fuzzy socks without feeling like fucking shrek okay


Grandma’s Birthday present in-the-making! Hope she likes it!! #thebigreveal (at My Creative Bubble)

Solitary sun worshiper…….. is it something we said….?! #loner (at Home)

Lunchtime with the old folks!!! :P (at Home)

Nice face Jamie! #someonesbeentothedentist (at Ironmills)

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